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Clinton seeks to keep attention on 'anchor baby insult' from Bush, Trump

Hillary Clinton's campaign is seeking to draw more attention to the "anchor babies" comment from Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, releasing this video.

The hope, of course, is that it further turns off Hispanics to the GOP. Trump is doing a good job of that. Still, there are documented cases in which people have come to the U.S. -- the Chinese especially -- with the purpose of having a child that will then be afford citizenship.

Both Bush and Marco Rubio said those abuses should be addressed but do not think the rights afforded under the 14th Amendment should be discarded.

The federal government has paid more attention to the issue and in March authorities raided a "maternity tourism" business in California. From a Wall Street Journal article: "There are no official figures on the number of babies born to mothers who visit the U.S. to give birth. The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington group that supports a crackdown on the practice, estimates 40,000 so-called 'birth tourists' annually."

We've asked the Clinton campaign for comment. UPDATE: Nine hours later, the campaign had not responded.