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50 Cent hospitalized after Mack truck rams SUV

Published Jun. 26, 2012

Immortal rapper 50 Cent landed in a Queens hospital early Tuesday morning after his bulletproof SUV was hit by a freakin' Mack Truck on the Long Island Expressway. That makes him impervious to being shot, poisoned and now, run over by a semi.

Curtis Jackson and his driver were whisked away for medical attention after the truck's driver lost control of his vehicle and rear-ended the rapper's SUV around 3 a.m. and almost flipped it over. Fiddy's website,, reported the news first and posted photos of Jackson being taken away on a stretcher.

How is he doing now? "He's fine," XXL quoted a source about Jackson's condition (the driver is okay, too). The source said the hospital ran tests on both men and released them.

"He was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries," a rep confirmed to TMZ. "He was released this morning and is doing fine."

Fiddy was in a hospital last month, too, after eating a bad cheeseburger, so he's probably had enough of doctors these days. No word on how long it'll be before he's back promoting his July 3 album Five (Murder by Numbers). Great title, isn't it? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and not believe the rumors this was a publicity stunt.

[Photo: via screen capture]

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