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Anthropologie: Get cozy with our $58 lounge pants!

Published Nov. 20, 2012

Did anyone else get this dangerous missive from Anthropologie in your inbox yesterday?

I usually ignore Anthropologie's emails. Too often I leave the store's website brokenhearted, longing for a $300 party dress or $70 shirt that is very pretty but entirely impractical for a Deal Diva budget.

This time, though, the Anthro dream seemed attainable. How much of a splurge could lounge pants really be?

So I clicked. And look what I found! Adorable, never-before-seen patterns and color combinations promising hours of positive do-nothingness over a long Thanksgiving weekend.

I saw myself by a fire, reading French cafe poetry and sipping warm apple cider. I dreamed of endless mornings with peppermint lattes and a kitty cat to pat.

Natch, I snapped out of it. Thanks, price tags! Their pajama shorts start at $38, and the prices increase with the length. Capris are $48, and pants are $58 and $78 and beyond.

Just bonkers, right? But I should have known "cozy down" is code for "pony up" in Anthro world.

Let's explore some alternatives.

Forever 21 has these lusty leopard loungers for $11.80...

...and these satin Hello Kitty pants for $19.80. Shopping cart, meet satin cats.

Target has Nick and Nora poppy pants for $17.99...

... and this Gilligan & OMalley thermal printed pair for $12.99.

This isn't to mention all of the lazywear you can find at Walmart, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Point is: Don't shell out for the Anthro fantasy.

Deal Diva Katie

Photos: Screen shots from my inbox and Anthropologie's website, Forever 21, Target.