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Artist of the day: Fla All Day

Published Jun. 21, 2012

An easy comparison for Tarpon Springs hip-hop outfit Fla All Day might be Yelawolf, but they're adamant about trying to sound like no one else. "I can't f--- with any of this new music coming out on the mainstream," they've posted on Facebook. "The beats are plastic, the lyrics are plastic, everyone's style is plastic; where is the originality?"

Fla All Day uses clever lyricism and offbeat production (Runnin Man calls to mind Check Your Head-era Beastie Boys) to produce singles like Rise, above. And it's led to a couple of quality gigs this month. Last weekend, Fla All Day performed at the fourth annual Homegrown Hip Hop show at the Local 662 in St. Pete, alongside Infinite Skillz, The Rukus, SamSoul and more. And then on Saturday, Fla All Day will open for Brooklyn rapper Action Bronson at the Local 662 in St. Petersburg. Click here for details.