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Billy Ray Cyrus heading to Broadway in 'Chicago'

When we're not writing about Miley Cyrus getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth, we're not thinking about the Cyrus family at all, so imagine our surprise when we heard dad Billy Ray will be joining the Broadway production of Chicago. And not in a tiny role, either; he'll be playing fast-talking lawyer Billy Flynn. He is a fast talker, we've heard.

"I love acting, and I'm always up for learning new things," the 50-year-old told USA Today, noting he saw John O'Hurley's turn in the production about a year ago when producers asked him to watch the show. "His performance was so brilliant, and I fell in love with this character. He's got a lot of heart and soul, but he's got an agenda, too. I like that contradiction."

He said he then watched the 2002 movie version starring Richard Gere and was inspired for his own run, which will be from Nov. 5 to Dec. 23. "I'm probably going to borrow from both performances — but make it my own, as they say in this business. I get a little nervous thinking about it. Maybe a lot nervous." Well, you should be nervous, since you just said you're copying two other actors instead of coming up with something original.

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