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BOG's debate over tuition hikes sounds more like an auction

In a move that could signal trouble for the rest of the state universities, the Florida Board of Governors just denied the University of Central Florida's request to increase tuition 15 percent next year.

UCF, which is hosting the board's meeting, was the first university up to bat for new tuition differential hikes next year. The vote was as tight as it gets: a tie, which meant it failed.

Silence fell for a second after the vote was taken. Then Dean Colson, chairman of the board, uttered, "Oh Jesus..."

The board then considered a 9 percent increase for UCF instead -- the amount that's been requested by the University of Florida.

That vote failed, too.

Next option: 13 and a half percent.


Could 12 percent be the sweet spot?


The board took a break, came back and kept arguing. Eventually they switched course to UF's request, and finally, "We have a victory," said BOG member Rick Yost. The board approved the 9 percent tuition hike.

"One down," said Colson. "Ten to go."