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Capitol Buzz for Wednesday, 1/25

Published Jan. 25, 2012

Five Stories To Think About Today

* School spending: House members go to work on the K-12 budget with Gov. Rick Scott, seeking $1 billion more for next year.

* Prisons: Senators on the Budget Committee are scheduled to take a bill calling for prisons to be privatized.

* PIP: Gov. Rick Scott and CFO Jeff Atwater are scheduled to push for changes to the insurance law on personal injury protection.

* Judges: Senators discuss giving Rick Scott more power to decide who serves on commissions nominating judges for appointment.

* Amendment: Senate members are due to discuss whether to rescind a ballot measure for later this year to reduce limits on non-homestead property.

Three Issues You Missed Yesterday

* A packed room watched Tuesday as a House panel passed three antiabortion measures.

* From Solyndra to cash for clunkers to Obama's slogans, Romney pre-buts SOTU.

* House budget proposal rejects Scott's plan to slash health spending.

Who To Watch Today/Quotable Quotes

* Pollsters: As the state GOP primary draws near, and with the debates in state this week, keep an eye out for more and more polls to show the every nuance of ratings in Florida.