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Car vs. deer? This time, it's car vs. gator

ST. PETERSBURG — The Toyota Scion was so new it didn't have any dings in its maroon paint. Its oil hadn't even been changed yet.

On the drive home along Interstate 275, heading north at 70 mph, the Scion suffered its first blemish in an unusual way.

"Gator! Gator! Gator!" Esther Foley shouted about 12:30 Sunday morning while riding shotgun. Up ahead, near the Gandy Boulevard exit, an old truck walloped the tip of the alligator's tail. Legs extended, mouth open and signature teeth bared, the gator bolted — right into the passenger side of the 2012 Scion.

"Like a battering ram," said 41-year-old driver Bruce Foley.

Esther Foley, 33, had to remind her shocked husband to pull over. There was no way the insurance company would believe this without a report, the Temple Terrace couple figured.

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