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CNN proves Newt Gingrich's claim of offering witnesses to ABC was not true

Published Jan. 26, 2012

newt_gingrich_mad_debate_thg_120119_wg.jpgHell hath no fury like a reporter punked in public.

That's my conclusion after watching how hard CNN's John King has pursued Newt Gingrich's claim that he offered character witnesses to ABC News while they were developing their interview with his ex-wife Marianne Gingrich.

The candidate accused ABC of the worst sort of journalism malpractice -- saying they essentially ignored people he offered who would disprove his ex-wife's claims that the politician wanted an open marriage including his wife and his mistress.

The allegation drew a roar of support from the crowd Saturday at the South Carolina debate King moderated, helping make Gingrich's case that he never should have broached the subject.

ABC News steadfastly denied the former House Speaker's allegations, and on Wednesday, Gingrich's staffers finally admitted to CNN the only people they offered to the network were his two daughters from his first marriage, who both appeared on camera.

Now the fun part begins: How will Newt explain telling a big fat whopper while blaming the media for being unethical? (I know, he'll blame miscommunication on his staff). And will he apologize to the big bad "elite media" for falsely accusing them of unethical behavior?

Not holding my breath, though I bet King is breathing a little easier now.