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Connie Mack hopes Romney rubs off on his Senate campaign

np_349531_dama_romney_7_0.jpgDUNEDIN -- Connie Mack has barely campaigned for U.S. Senate, letting his name do the talking so far, but he's allowing Mitt Romney do some of work for him.

"This is Connie Mack. Congressman Connie Mack, your next U.S. Senator," Romney said during a rally in Dunedin today that was attended by a couple thousand people.

When Romney finished his speech and began working the crowd, Mack was right behind him. Mack is repaying the favor by acting as a Romney surrogate and crashing Newt Gingrich events to get in a few sound-bites with reporters.

The connection to Romney is part of Mack's campaign strategy and one reason why he's so far not done much on his own (a statewide tour is planned for after the presidential primary).

Even an aide to a rival Senate candidate acknowledged it was a smart play, but quickly questioned how much it would matter.

Tampa Bay Times photo, Jim Damaske