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Dan Ruth: Tom Lee vs. Rachel Burgin turning Tallahassee inside out

Published Jun. 26, 2012

Tampa Bay Times' op-ed columnist Daniel Ruth opines Tuesday on the Senate District 24 in Hillsborough County:

Nothing can be more irritating in a political campaign than to have powerful outside forces attempt to use their juice to sway the outcome of the race — especially when other meddlers come along to meddle in their meddling. • So there was lobbyist Jack Cory, one of Tallahassee's foremost purveyors of power, who was having a perfectly lovely time pumping wads of cash into the campaign of Republican state Rep. Rachel Burgin in her quest to succeed Ronda Storms in the state Senate. • After all, you can't put too high a price on good government. But the bidding starts at around five figures.

Cory was joined in his yearning for democracy to flourish under Burgin's leadership by some of Tallahassee's other deep-pocketed, multi-cellphoned, more wired than Robocop lobbyists, Ron Book and Guy Spearman. Between the three of them, they represent just about every special interest seeking freedom and liberty in the state.

Think of this as the Axis of Silk Stockings.

But life on the hustings can be so unjust at times. Burgin's opponent in the Aug. 14 Republican state Senate primary is former Senate president and Brandon developer Tom Lee, whose presence in the race is a major annoyance to Cory, Book and Spearman.

Think of this as the Troika of Testiness...

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