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Delegates complain about high cost of RNC hotels in Tampa

Having been assigned to a so-so hotel wanting to charge $400 a night to stay during the Republican National Convention, I'm sympathetic to the sentiments in this report from Minnesota Public Radio:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Most Minnesota Republicans who are headed to this year's national convention in Florida are first-time delegates, and they're finding out that the trip will cost them thousands of dollars.

A solid majority of the state's national delegates support Ron Paul, and some of them are looking for unconventional ways to cut their convention expenses.

When Kevin Erickson sought election as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, he knew representing Minnesota Republicans in Tampa, Fla., would be expensive. When the pastor from the Iron Range found out that convention organizers assigned Minnesota delegates to a hotel that would cost more than $250 a night, he looked for options.

"Many of us, in particular some of us Ron Paul delegates, are folks who are coming without a whole lot of extra means, so we're trying to figure out way to save money," Erickson said.

Rather than stay at the fancy Hilton with the other delegates, Erickson will be roughing it at a far less expensive nearby hotel. "I'm actually a pretty avid outdoorsman, so I figure if I have to hunt cockroaches, it will give me something to do to kill time," he said.

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