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Does MC Hammer's "gangnam style" collabo with Psy at American Music Awards herald new trend?

156671631.jpgNever thought I'd be nostalgic for the days of genie pants and aerobic-style choreography.

But 90s-era pop/rap star MC Hammer provided the highlight of the American Music Awards Sunday night, joining Korean rapper Psy for an inspired mash-up of his hit "Too Legit to Quit" with the ubiquituous YouTube smash "Gangnam Style."

I've heard from friends I respect that this blend of African American and Asian dance/pop culture flavors may be the wave of the future -- a shiny destiny where the groove of hip hop, soul and dance is fused with the wild visuals and boundless, zany eccentricities of artists from Korea, Japan and China.

Certainly, the Quentin Tarantino-blessed martial arts action film from Wu Tang Clan star RZA, The Man With the Iron Fists, is a product of that blend, as was Adult Swim's animated version of the blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite -- a furious blend of anime-style visuals and explicitly underground humor.

If the result is stuff like this AMA gig, I'm definitely down with it.

Check it out below: