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Dog days of summer: Top 10 mutts of the '80s

Spuds_Mackenzie_art The Spears Lair has been petless since the sad passing of Nick Rhodes, my beloved cat. I've already decided that if I get a new cat, it shall be named ... Cat Benatar. But something else hit me this morning: What about a dog? Aren't dogs more in tune with my favorite decade? How many famed mutts can you name from the '80s? Here are 10 that come to mind -- actually it's a list of mine from 2009, but it's not like the names could have changed since then. (And please: Give me a recommendation on the appropriate breed and name for the perfect '80s dog that I might finally eventually adopt for the Lair.)

TOP 10 DOGS OF THE '80s:

10. HOSE HEAD: The beer-gulping dog is owned by Bob and Doug McKenzie in 1983's Strange Brew. Later he dons a cape and saves Octoberfest.

9. UBU: Technically, his full name is Ubu Roi, and he was the mascot for UBU Productions, which produced classics like Family Ties in the '80s.

Summer-school 8. WONDER MUTT: Mark Harmon's best friend in 1987's Summer School isn't happy until he finds "Bob" at the end of the flick.

7. JERRY LEE: The dog partner to Jim Belushi in 1989's K-9 was an actual police dog in Kansas City, according to He was killed in the line of duty in 1991.

Beverly hills 6. MATISSE: The border collie owned by Richard Dreyfuss and Bette Midler's 1986 flick Down and Out in Beverly Hills had better acting chops than many of his human co-stars.

5. CHUCK THE WONDER DOG: Does Tim Matheson's adventurous dog from 1984's Up The Creek look familiar? Yep, same dog from Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

4. HOOCH: Tom Hanks' canine counterpart in 1989's Turner & Hooch was ugly and slobbery. Alas, he didn't make it 'til the credits rolled.

Working_class_dog 3. RONNIE: Better known as Rick Springfield's dog and the cover model for his album Working Class Dog. Springfield was devastated when Ron died at age 13. He has a tattoo in Ronnie's memory on his back.

2. EINSTEIN: Doc Brown's hairy pooch in Back to the Future becomes the world's first DeLorean/time-traveling pooch.

1. SPUDS MACKENZIE: This bullterrier was synonymous with Bud Light in the late '80s. In fact, he might have been more popular, given the stuffed versions, neon lights and T-shirts made in his likeness.