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Famous last words: 'Go ahead and search me because I ain't got nothing on me'

FORT WALTON BEACH -- The manager of a fast-food restaurant became suspicious after seeing a car loitering in the back of the parking lot and the three occupants "interacting" with different people in different cars, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports. The manager called police.

When Fort Walton Beach police arrived at McDonald's on Eglin Parkway on June 18, all three men got out. One went into the bathroom at McDonald's. He was later found in McDonald's and consented to a pat-down search, saying, "Go ahead and search me because I ain't got nothing on me," the officer wrote in his arrest report.

The officer added, "Sgt. Hayse patted him down and felt what appeared to be pills in a bag located next to his testicles."

The man, identified as Kenneth Lee Sanders, was detained and a clear bag containing several red gel capsules was retrieved from the man's genital area. The pills contained a white powdery substance, which field-tested positive for cocaine.