Former Hernando superintendent applies for top job in Pinellas

Wayne Alexander, ousted nearly three years ago as superintendent of Hernando County Schools, has applied for the top job in Pinellas County. His tenure in Hernando ended about 10 months early and was, by many accounts, a difficult one.


See an in-depth story about Alexander's time in Hernando here.

Alexander's most recent position was as an assistant principal at a technical high school in Connecticut. His application includes several old letters of reference from his time in Hernando County Schools.

There also appears to be lingering confusion about the job advertisement. My colleague, Rebecca Catalanello, wrote a story earlier this month that a few applications had arrived from the construction industry. A few of the recent applications are of the same variety.

There's Gary Caraballo, a general contractor with 20 years of experience in construction, and Mario Madrid, a civil engineer and project manager with more than 20 years in the construction industry.

Other recent applicants include: Kim Nisbett, a coordinator of school counseling for the Roosevelt Union Free School District in New York, and Henry Richard Somers, head of EMH Day School in Brooklyn.

See resumes for the applicants below.

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