George LeMieux to Romney: Pick Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan for veep

Published Aug. 10, 2012

a4s_lemieux052312_223473c.jpgThe irony here is rich. Former U.S. Sen. and Charlie Crist campaign manager George LeMieux has a column in The Hill urging Mitt Romney to be bold and pick Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan as his running mate.

...Marco is the most inspiring, and for those of us who know him allegations that he has not been sufficiently vetted are simply not true. He has served in the crucible of state politics in a mega-state, run for and won a U.S. Senate seat, and would add a huge jolt of enthusiasm to the Republican ticket, let alone Hispanic voters. Paul Ryan is the real deal, too. With the exception of my former colleague U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, Paul Ryan knows more about the fiscal problems of Washington and how to fix them than anyone I have ever met. He is not afraid to lead, and adding him to the ticket would demonstrate to the American people that Mitt Romney understands not only that America is in trouble, but that he has the courage to solve our problems.

Americans don't want to be coddled; they want a leader. Be bold, Mitt. Be bold

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