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Get a parenting lecture at the movies

karp.jpgThursday is Parents Night Out with the Happiest Baby and Happiest Toddler on the Block author and pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp.

I have to say, I totally loved both of his books. They offered great practical tips on how to soothe a baby, how to manage tantrums and more. I don't know anyone who didn't get a lot of out his advice. I have witnessed fussy babies who are quickly (almost eerily) soothed by a combination of tight swaddling, loud shushing and swinging, which he says mimics the sensations of the womb. His toddler "cave man" theory -- that they are primitive, emotion-driven, instinctive creatures -- made the challenge of communicating with the cave man in the crib so much easier to understand.

In an unusual arrangement, movie theaters on Thursday will broadcast Karp as he shares his parenting tips and tricks in a simulcast of a live theater presentation hosted by Ali Landry, actress, founder of and mother of two. You can see it Thursday at Park Place Stadium 16 in Pinellas Park, Hyde Park Cinebistro in Tampa, Woodland Square 20 in Oldsmar, Citrus Starium 20 in Tampa, Regency 20 in Brandon and Grove 16 in Wesley Chapel.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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