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Glee's Michael Jackson episode coming next week. Will '80s fans like it?

Published Jan. 25, 2012

glee-michael-jackson-episode-pictures.jpgFox's hit show Glee has had an uneven run lately. Frankly I gave up watching it before this season began. There's only so much goodwill singing Journey songs can create in my world. And unless Puckerman breaks out Wheel in the Sky soon, I'll forget the show was even created.

Unless .... Unless Glee can pull off a miracle and produce a respectable Michael Jackson show next week. The show -- "Michael" -- is set for Tuesday and previews are popping up on websites all over. We even have the setlist of MJ songs now:

Not bad. They better do Human Nature right though. That song is sacred to me. In any case, there's a video preview too. Watch this and let me know what you think: Will you watch Glee's Michael Jackson show or not?