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  1. Pasco

GPA rules to remain unchanged for Pasco County high schools

Perhaps it should go without saying. But the Pasco County School Board plans to go on record Tuesday with a restatement of its policy that student grade-point averages will be calculated just the way the district said they would be.

The policy isn't changing. And parents need to understand that, district officials told the Gradebook.

Questions arose when a parent began barraging board members and district offices with complaints about the weight given to individual classes in calculating children's GPAs. This parent wanted certain classes to count more than others, even though that's not what the county's student progression plan set forth.

Assistant superintendent John Mann said that a team of curriculum staff members looked at the rules and the complaint, and decided that the best course of action was to recommend sticking with what's already on the books. Those were the standards the students entered under, he said, and there's no reason to change them now. The only exception would be for Ridgewood High, which moved to a 7-period day that gave students more credits to work with, so those needed to be adjusted slightly.

School Board members are to consider not changing the rules on Tuesday during their required reorganization meeting, where superintendent-elect Kurt Browning and reelected board members Joanne Hurley and Alison Crumbley also will take the oath of office. The board is expected to name Cynthia Armstrong its new chairwoman, and to consider approving the first steps of Browning's proposed administrative changes.

Want to come? The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.