Great Scott, it's Gaetz!

Published May 18, 2012

Sen. Don Gaetz is out with a snazzy campaign ad that has him sounding a lot like Gov. Rick Scott.

Gaetz, the ad says, fought to reduce job-killing regulations and emphasized education.

Of course, it's not unusual for lawmakers to claim they alone are responsible for policy changes, but Gaetz is striking a theme achingly similar to that of the governor.

Will anyone notice?

Gaetz, incoming Senate president, does not yet have an opponent. The video was done by Tampa-based The Victory Group, the same folks responsible for the epic video shown at Gaetz's designation ceremony, "From Rugby with Resolve."

Here's the text:

When government regulations threatened a local glass company and local jobs...

"I called Don Gaetz. He fixed the problem, saved a lot of jobs," a man says.

When Tallahassee pulled a fast one on septic tanks, Gaetz fought back.

"When something's not right, Don makes it right," a doctor says.

And Don Gaetz came up big for our schools and our children.

"He just gets things done, time and time again," a female school official says.

Don Gaetz: Because the road to the future runs right through northwest Florida.