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JCPenney ditches the 99-cent line

mng_mango.jpgCan we talk about JCPenney?

Growing up in Ohio, I always associated JCPenney with two things -- my grandma, who got the catalog and loved to shop there, and all the rest of the women in my family, who got their hair done by a woman named Denise at the salon there (they looked lovely). But it was never a place to which I flocked for fine fashion. It was more garden clogs than tailored jacket, dig?

But lately, things have changed. In recent years, JCPenney has adopted a Target-style position of stocking affordable designer lines. The MNG by Mango brand they carry is one of my favorite current lines anywhere. I also like the store's lines from Nicole Miller and Charlotte Ronson and Allen B. Schwartz. I've snagged some really interesting shoes there in recent memory. And the new presence of miniature Sephora stores inside has greatly aided and abetted my product habit.

Now, Times business reporter Mark Albright tells us JCPenney is changing their price strategy, doing away with the 99 cent finish on most tags, which has long been a way to make you think you're spending less. They'll also reportedly offer low prices from the get-go, rather then hiking them up and then dropping them back down like most stores do now, encouraging people to shop there all the time rather than waiting for big sales.

What do you think? Have you been in JCPenney lately? And how does your grandmother's hair look? Mine, for the record, still looks dynamite.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: The MNG by Mango line, JCPenney