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Katt Williams arrested for allegedly hitting man with bottle

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested for allegedly hitting a man on a head with a bottle in Oakland, Calif., and sending him to the hospital, earning Williams a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. This is after he was sued this month by a former assistant for allegedly causing permanent injuries and got into a shoving match with a heckler in Denver, too.

Oakland Police said the 41-year-old was arrested after an 18-year-old Berkely man was hit in the head inside a tour vehicle inside a tour vehicle parked at a Courtyard Marriot, the Oakland Tribune reports. Cops were trying to determine how Williams knew the 18-year-old, who was taken to a hospital for injuries.

Williams, who was found at a nightclub two blocks away but cooperated with police, wasn't booked into jail on the charge for which he was arrested, assault with a deadly weapon. That must have been some bottle.

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