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Keppinger: "Wrong place, wrong time"

INF Jeff Keppinger explained perhaps the freakest of the Rays long list of injuries, that he was sitting on the bench at the front of the Rays dugout Saturday when a foul ball came at him and hit his right foot through the netting on the front of the dugout and broke his right big toe.

"Wrong place, wrong time,'' Keppinger said.

Keppinger said he knew fairly quickly something was wrong, and actually was relieved that the timetable is 3-4 weeks and not longer.

Keppinger said he initally turned away from the ball, hit by Martin Prado of the Braves, to make sure it didn't hit him in the head.

"I went back and my toe kind of went forward a little bit and it just caught it square,'' Keppinger said. "It hurt a little bit (at the time). I tried to suck it up, I thought it was kind of like a foutl ball off the foot and after a few minutes I tried to put some pressure on it and it sent some sharp pain through there so I kind of thought something was wrong.''