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Lindsay Lohan sued for allegedly hitting woman with Maserati

Here's another court-related incident for Lindsay Lohan: she's been sued by a woman who says she was hit by Lohan in a Maserati in West Hollywood -- 17 months ago. It must have taken her that long to find the actress, since she's barely keeping her SAG card active.

Nubia Del Carmen Plaza says LiLo ran into her with a rented Maserati Gran Turismo while Plaza was crossing the street in September 2010, E! News reports. She is seeking unspecified damages, medical expenses and loss of wages and future earnings. Not that the actress knew anything about it.

"To the best of my knowledge, neither Lindsay nor her attorneys have been served with a lawsuit," her rep told E!. "So we really can't comment on something that hasn't been served through the proper channels. People like to do this — give lawsuits to the media before they serve it to Lindsay." Although with Lindsay, you have to wonder if there aren't long stretches of time when she simply doesn't remember anything she may or may not have done.

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