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Lindsey Buckingham returning to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater

One of the hottest local concerts of last fall was Lindsey Buckingham at the tiny Capitol Theatre in Clearwater. The show was a sellout, and why wouldn't it be? Anytime you have a chance to see one of the best guitarists alive in such an intimate space, you grab it.

So take our word for it: When the Fleetwood Mac axe-slinger returns to the Capitol later this summer, you should get your tickets early.

Buckingham will return to Clearwater on Aug. 6, according to Ruth Eckerd Hall. He'll play hits from his most recent studio outing, Seeds We Sow, as well as some old Fleetwood Mac hits. Tickets are $59-$150, and they'll go onsale Saturday. Click here.

Sean Daly was at Lindsey's last show at the Cap in October, and he wrote:

The acoustics are crazy good at the Capitol, a dream spot for a studio wonk like Buckingham, who demands a sterling canvas for his trickery. He'd eventually bring three players out to join him, adding even more trippy layers. You'd pay attention at first, then, like Alice down the rabbit hole, you'd zoom off in your buzzy brain only to be dragged back by his "Ooh yeah!" yelps and euphoric guitar faces.

A little frazzled by the size and in-your-lap closeness of the venue, the rock icon would get distracted at times, the glare off his guitars bouncing around the teeny room. "It's like a death ray!" he laughed. "I'll have to be careful where I point that."

Click here for his full review of the concert.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*