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Lost and found: The Morells' 'Reds'

Today's dose of Lost and Found is from my backyard of Springfield, Missouri. I present you with The Morells and their 1982 tune Reds. The song is not about the Cold War, but rather a love letter to the finest burger joint in the Ozarks. Located on Route 66, my friend Mark and I would forge excuse notes and skip out to eat lunch at Reds during high school.

In the video, you will see Red, the ball of energy owner of Reds, but unfortunately you can not taste his burger basket or his homemade root beer. It is claimed that Red's started the first drive-through window in restaurant history in 1947. Red would retire in my senior year - 1984.

The Morells are also the pride of Springfield. Reds is from the album Shake and Push – an album that Rolling Stone senior writer David Fricke once called "essential." Singer Lou Whitney became a prolific producer, helping record some of the Midwest's best rock and alt-country artists.

-- Kevin Wuench, guest blogger