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Man gets fake iPad at Miami Walmart, then gets apology and promise of a real one

Published Nov. 15, 2012

MIAMI – A Southwest Dade man says he purchased an iPad from Walmart and ended up with a fake.

When Emilio Pereda and his father-in-law left the Walmart at 8400 Coral Way on Monday night, they had no reason to believe they'd gotten anything other than the iPad they purchased, CBS Ch. 4 in Miami reports. Pereda's father-in-law bought the $480 white iPad as a gift for his wife's birthday, but when she opened it, they say they knew something was wrong. First of all, it wasn't white. Also, they say, it wasn't an actual iPad.

"It's a piece of plastic, it's not an iPad at all," said Pereda.

The fake iPad has a charging port, but no charging strip. The buttons don't work. The machine doesn't turn on, and Pereda showed us what appeared to be a fishing sinker wrapped in white tape placed where the charger should have been.

CBS4 contacted a media representative, Kayla Whaling, who said she was able to track down what happened. She said the iPad Pereda's father-in-law bought had been returned, the iPad apparently replaced, and the box re-wrapped so well it appeared factory sealed. Whaling said, "Walmart takes this very seriously and we apologize profusely to the customer." She also said Walmart would refund his money or make sure he got a new, real, iPad.

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