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My Outfit Monday: Dreaming of dry skies despite Debby

I don't know about your weekend, but mine went a lot like this: UGH, RLY, TROPICAL STORM Debby!? Stop flooding everything! Don't you know we want to frolic outdoors and meet up with friends for intellectual discussions about thought-provoking news stories?

Really, though, I hope Debs isn't endangering any of you readers. But she's not going away anytime soon, which brings me to my outfit.

I'm calling it Denial.

What tropical storm? Today I'm wearing the sunniest blouse I own (purchased from Banana Republic on a 40 percent off day this spring), and my hair is blown dry and straightened (HAHAHA, a look that will last all day, HAHAHA).

That's just the start of my wishful thinking. Did you notice the pastel hot air balloon necklace?

There's nothing but clear skies and dreamy landscapes in my head.

I picked this necklace up from All Sewn Up, a boutique on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. I think it was $12, which is in line with prices for most of the store's quirky jewelry. Strange as it sounds, I had been coveting a charm like this ever since finding a much more expensive one by Fossil at Macy's. Per ushe, I'm glad I waited.

I'm protecting my outfit's delicate top half with a hardcore rain jacket (I'm sorry it's not a cute raincoat, Deal Diva Kameel. The search continues.).

Stay dry and safe out there, Divas. Don't let Debs get you down.

What's your go-to outfit when it's soaking wet outside?

Deal Diva Katie