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My Outfit Monday: Teaching the youth

Published Nov. 19, 2012

Happy Monday! I spent my Monday morning at the dentist, which is always delightful, so I'm going to bring you back to last Thursday when I wasn't smarting from the tooth scraper.

Thursday was the Great American Teach-In! I visited my friend Eve's civics class at Mulrennan Middle School in Valrico. Since it was civics, I brought along a bunch of my Instagram photos from my coverage of the Republican National Convention this year, expecting to blow them away with the time I met Chuck Woolery and Tom Brokaw. Only one problem. They are in middle school and did not know who any of the people at the RNC even were. The chill of oldness just washed right over me as I stood in front of that class trying to explain how Janine Turner was on a show from the 90s called Northern Exposure, and she had a dark waifish pixie cut, and it was set in Alaska, and...

Disaster. Anyway, here's what I wore.

This was taken before my presentation, when I was still bright, shiny and full of hope. I was going for sort of a 1980s Margot Kidder as Lois Lane look to convince the kiddos that journalism still has a place for fashion. I should have realized I could have worn a Hefty Bag if it meant I had ever interviewed Nicki Minaj (I have not). My blouse and skirt were on sale at Forever 21 (wish they would change the name to "Forever Works in a Pinch"). My trusty black blazer is a Target original. My clear beads came from my grandma's jewelry box in Ohio (thanks, Grandma!). My bag is my oft-abused Coach bestie.

I decided to keep covered with some black tights and pointy, patent-leather shoes from Old Navy, which kept slipping off my feet every five steps. Time to invest in some heel grips for this cooler weather leg wear.

Still, they kept me standing tall, even when I struggled to explain how Victoria Jackson was this woman from Saturday Night Live in the 80s, and how the 80s were a time before YouTube, and...

Sigh. I better get an interview with Nicki before next year.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: My Instagram