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NBC, Ann Curry fight over money; Savannah Guthrie to be named new 'Today' co-host

Published Jun. 26, 2012

NBC is really trying to ditch Ann Curry, it seems; The network even has her Today show replacement picked out in the form of The Daily Rundown anchor Savannah Guthrie (above). Too bad they may owe Ann up to $20 million.

TMZ says Ann has lawyered up because she is only one year into a three-year deal to get paid a whopping $10 million per year. If she gets canned and replaced for Guthrie, she obviously wants the full amount, but NBC allegedly wants to pay only $10 million and give her a foreign correspondent job. It doesn't sound like Ann's too happy about that.

There's another sticking point, the site says: NBC could also give her the full $20 million, but then forbid her from working on any other network for two years. You can ask Conan O'Brien about that kind of tactic. Luckily, it seems the network simply doesn't want to pay that much.

We'll have to see how it shakes out, but TMZ says NBC wants it resolved before the Olympics starts so they can show off Savannah. We expect to see her in an episode of 30 Rock in the fall, too.

[Photo: Getty Images]