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Obama locks up female Floridian vote, according to sugar daddy "poll"

President Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by 3 to 1 among 30,000 female voters polled on

What exactly is According to its website, it's the world's largest "sugar daddy dating website", where older men of means can find "attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal oriented" men and women, or "sugar babies."

So...ok, it's not exactly the most trusted name in political polling. But Jennifer Gwynn, the website's spokeswoman, nevertheless touted the results as a game changer.

"Women who chose Obama over Romney say is more personable, trustworthy and sexy," Gwynn said in an e-mail statement to reporters. "While some may discount our poll results, it may hold clues as to what Romney must do to change his 'vanilla' image.'"

In Florida, Obama beat Romney 31.5 percent to 12 percent. But behold the disclaimer: 46.4 percent of women in Florida said they don't want either Romney or Obama as their sugar daddy. Political analysts will be sure to puzzle over that in the coming weeks.

Here's the release:

Obama beats Romney 3 to 1 in Sugar Daddy Poll
Which Presidential Candidate would you rather have as your Sugar Daddy?,
the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, posed this question to over 30,000 of its female Sugar
Baby members this past week. Obama beat Romney 3 to 1. However, a drill down of the poll results may
indicate what is likely to come this election season, Obama beating Romney in all key Swing States and
even some Republican strongholds, capturing the hearts of Democrat, Independent and even some
Republican female voters. Despite Romney's good looks, his starchy 'vanilla' image may be the reason
why he lost to Obama, at least where factors such as sexiness, personality, approachability and
likeability matters.
Los Angeles, CA – June 21, 2012
Sugar Daddy presidential politics has been in full swing this election year. Sheldon Adelson, the Las
Vegas billionaire played sugar daddy to Newt Gingrich's campaign, and now he is throwing his support
along with his millions behind Mitt Romney. But if women in America were given the choice between
the two Presidential candidates, which would they prefer as their Sugar Daddy?, the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, posed this question to over
30,000 of its female Sugar Baby members this past week. The results are surprising, entertaining, and
likely insightful:
* 34.1% said they prefer having Obama as their Sugar Daddy
* 11.9% said they prefer having Romney as their Sugar Daddy
* 11.1% said they are happy to have either Obama or Romney as their Sugar Daddy
* 42.9% said they wouldn't choose either Obama or Romney for a Sugar Daddy
"Even though Romney is worth 20 times more than Obama, Barack Obama was by far the preferred
Sugar Daddy. Obama beat Romney by a knockout of 3 to 1," says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of "While many unfairly stereotype Sugar Babies as gold-diggers who would
gladly accept any wealthy man as their Sugar Daddy, our survey shows the contrary. Sugar Babies are
extremely picky about the men they date - 43% of them surveyed want neither Obama nor Romney as
their Sugar Daddy."
According to, the results of this poll may provide insights into which
Presidential candidate has more sway with female voters this election year. The following shows the
poll results for the top 17 states with the most number of Electoral College votes:
Major U.S. States Obama Romney Both Neither
California (55) 34.0% 11.9% 10.4% 43.7%
Texas (38) 31.6% 13.2% 12.0% 43.2%
Florida (29) 31.5% 12.0% 10.0% 46.4%
New York (29) 39.7% 10.4% 8.8% 41.1%
Pennsylvania (20) 38.3% 9.5% 13.9% 38.3%
Illinois (20) 37.1% 8.4% 12.4% 42.1%
Ohio (18) 29.8% 10.6% 13.2% 46.4%
Michigan (16) 36.0% 8.7% 11.8% 43.5%
Georgia (16) 47.0% 10.0% 15.2% 27.8%
North Carolina (15) 33.1% 11.7% 11.0% 44.1%
New Jersey (14) 34.1% 14.4% 13.2% 38.3%
Virginia (13) 34.9% 12.3% 9.4% 43.4%
Washington (12) 25.3% 14.7% 9.5% 50.5%
Arizona (11) 25.6% 15.7% 12.4% 46.3%
Indiana (11) 28.0% 4.9% 9.8% 57.3%
Massachusetts (11) 32.8% 20.2% 5.0% 42.0%
Tennessee (11) 35.7% 12.2% 10.2% 41.8%
"Obama outperforms Romney in almost every major state as the preferred Sugar Daddy. However,
Romney did well in Massachusetts where he was governor and where people know him well," says Mr.
Wade who holds a BS and MBA from MIT. "According to our survey, most women say they chose Obama
because he is more trustworthy, charismatic and sexy. Obama is funny and is known to be a good
dancer. Unfortunately, Romney is still viewed by many as the 'vanilla' candidate."
For press inquiries, or to request and interview with our Founder & CEO, Brandon Wade, please contact
Jennifer Gwynn at 702-241-0100 or email us at
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