PEF still rolling with cost savings project

Published Jan. 16, 2012

The Pinellas Education Foundation is moving to the next phase with its "Savings for Classrooms" project. Here's some info from the latest Friday Update newsletter to school board members:

At board members' request, Mr. Madden requested an update from John Letvin, facilitator of the Savings for Classrooms Committee. This is the group that is working with the Pinellas Education Foundation to identify potential savings for the school district in six areas: energy, construction, maintenance, purchasing, transportation, and health insurance. Mr. Letvin reports that beginning this month, the committees will meet every three weeks on average. Here is a list of meetings that have been scheduled to date:

• Energy committee: Feb. 1, Feb. 23
• Construction committee: TBA
• Maintenance committee: Jan. 23
• Purchasing committee: Jan. 24
• Transportation committee: Jan. 23
• Health insurance benefits: TBA
Committee members will be reporting findings and making recommendations over the next few months to the Savings for Classrooms steering committee. Final recommendations will be presented to the School Board at a workshop.