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Pregnant and waiting (and waiting) for a seat

pregnantbelly.jpgThe title of this column by Washington Post transit writer Dana Hedgpeth says it all: Pregnant and Waiting for a Seat. In her 8th month of pregnancy she started making some observations:

"I'm certainly not the first to have interesting experiences riding public transportation while pregnant," she writes. "In chatting with another pregnant rider one morning on the Red Line, we both had come to a wholly unscientific conclusion on who's most likely to give up their seat to a pregnant woman:

• Young African-American men. They've been quick to spring from their seats, regardless if they're engrossed in music or reading.

• Middle-aged women. I'm guessing it's because they remember what it feels like to carry a bowling ball with swollen feet and an achy back.

Not quite so generous:

• 20-something women. Usually they're too busy texting to look up. If they do, it is a look of "I-don't-notice-you-or-your-large-belly."

• Middle-aged white guys. I've had one offer me his seat. More often they've looked away. I once had a man snarl when I bumped his arm while trying to move to the center of a rail car.

This is not, she notes, an indictment of young women or white men. "I happen to be a relatively young woman, married to a white man. It's simply the observation of a couple of larger than normal, at times irritable, pregnant women just waiting to get these kids out."

What were your observations when you were pregnant readers? I actually don't take much public transportation. When I was pregnant Babies 'R Us came up with the novelty of having Pregnancy Parking close to the door. I asked my doctor about it and she snorted, "I'd much rather you walk than use that." Fun sucker.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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