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Red, White and Views: Primary Voices

Red, White and Views: For the 2012 election, our journalists are going beyond the sound bites to hear from real Floridians — you and your neighbors.

Florida, with its diverse population and sheer size, has always played an important role in presidential elections. And this year the Tampa Bay area will play an even more dynamic part as the Republican National Convention comes to Tampa in August to nominate its 2012 candidate to challenge President Barack Obama.

Our Tampa Bay Times journalists have been covering candidates such as Mitt Romney, Newt Gringrich and Ron Paul for months. But in this special series of video reports, we're turning to Florida voters to find untold stories that can perhaps spark better insight into the 2012 presidential race and the state's role in it.

Know a local political junkie who should be featured in this series? Have a behind-the-scenes look at someone who gives their time and money to a political cause? Let us know whom we should interview. Email us your ideas.