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Rush Limbaugh rips Fla. Leg, Will Weatherford over Allen West's redistricting problems

Published Jan. 30, 2012

The conservative blogosphere has been thundering for days about the Florida legislature weakening U.S. Rep. Allen West's south Florida congressional district, noting that a prominent Florida Romney supporter is leading the redistricting effort.

Rush Limbaugh has taken notice too: "Do you know what the Florida legislature is doing? They're writing Allen West's district out of existence. ... The Republican establishment, whether it includes Romney or not, is behind it. It's amazing. Their all out assault on conservatives is what the story is in the Republican primary."

"The establishment Republicans are trying to take the tea party out. ... This is another reason why in the Republican primary there is such fevered opposition to Romney,'' Limbaugh said. Listen here (about 3:30 in).

Rep. Will Weatherford's response: "As the House Chairman of Redistricting, I have the responsibility to ensure there is a fair, open, and legally compliant process. The newly approved constitutional amendments, passed by more than 60 percent of Florida voters, require the Legislature to follow a set of standards. This is the first time the Legislature has been required to follow these legal standards.

"These new standards have resulted in disrupting the current districts for incumbents. The Tampa Bay Times stated that the House, Senate, and Congressional maps represent "a record-breaking shakeup in incumbency." It has been reported that at least 38 members of the Florida Legislature do not currently live in their district.

"There are rumors that the Florida Legislature has targeted Congressman Allen West. This is patently false. I personally have supported and endorsed Allen West. I will continue to support this extraordinary member of Congress who has brought a much needed conservative voice to Washington, D.C.

"However, my personal support cannot and will not trump the Constitution."