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With Schiano coming aboard, offensive coordiantor remains big question

It looks like we finally have some closure, as Greg Schiano of Rutgers is set to become the Buccaneers' next head coach.

But although that important bit of business is complete, there still is a very significant question remaining: Who will run Schiano's offense?

Schiano has an extensive defensive background. He was a defensive backs coach for the Chicago Bears in the late 90s and the defensive coordinator for the University of Miami in 1999 and 2000. He knows that side of the ball, having coached players like Ed Reed and D.J. Williams while with the Hurricanes. He figures to be a good for Tampa Bay's defense which has a lot of young, unrefined talent.

But the question remains: What will he do on offense? And, more to the point, who will run that offense?

Schiano's experience is almost exclusively on the college level, so it's unclear who his NFL associations are. Typically, that gives you a sense of who a new coach might consider adding to his staff after being hired. Things aren't as clear in this scenario.

But the Bucs maintain -- correctly -- that their best hope for success begins and ends with quarterback Josh Freeman. In that case, the Bucs have another hire to make that's nearly as important as bringing Schiano onboard. Given that, Schiano's offensive coordinator decision will be one of the biggest he'll make as coach of the Buccaneers.

Stay tuned.