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In search of wellies

I showed up for work Monday with heels and regret.

Thanks, Tropical Storm Debby. Her extended stay reminds me it's past time to purchase heavy-duty waterproof shoes for Florida's sometimes awful and dangerous hurricane season. (Jellies don't count.)

Deal Diva Kameel came prepared. Well, she stopped by Target before coming to work (behold those $32 polka-dotted babies). Deal Diva Stephanie also dressed like a smart person, wearing those discounted and indestructible Aerosoles she told us about.

The rest of us need to boot up. We're barely a month into hurricane season, and it's already a mess out there.

For the romantics. Zappos, $40.

These are sweet, too. Clearance on, $20.98. (Lots more at Target, go look!)

These cherry boots stop at the ankle, so they might not be practical for dealing with this tropical storm. I think they're generally nice for skirt-wearing Floridians who want to safely sojourn puddles. $55, from

These plaid boots from Chooka are nice and on sale on Zappos, $66. I'm kind of a sucker for plaid. No, really, I looked like a farmhand for most of my senior year of high school.

Anyway, stay safe out there, everyone. Please don't drive your car into big puddles, or let your children play in flooded zones, to name a few precautions.

Anyone else have favorite galoshes or safety tips to share?

Deal Diva Katie