Selena Gomez visited a dying 13-year-old girl without telling anyone

Published Feb. 9, 2012

tbd-selenagomez021012.jpgLet us tell you why Selena Gomez is going to far outlast her boyfriend Justin Bieber: Back on Dec. 13, the singer dropped everything she was doing and flew to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles to visit with a 13-year-old fan who suffers from progeria, a rare and fatal genetic disorder in which the victim ages eight to 10 faster than normal people. And instead of alerting TMZ, People magazine, the usual horde of paparazzi and the president, she took pictures with young Hana Hwang and went about her business.

Now, if you listen to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, you knew this was a part of annual KISSMAS charity campaign, but it looks like most of the gossip media (including The Juice*) has only just now heard of it. It seems Hana's tutor, Sara Kim, had entered the contest, asking only for a care package and Kindle for Hana, but once Ryan heard the kid listens to Gomez's song Who Says every day on her iPod, he called the singer, who was more than happy to visit, no questions asked (listen to the December radio broadcast below).

Hana, meanwhile, was thrilled to see her 19-year-old idol, saying she refused to cry because she "didn't want to look like a baby," and posted a video on YouTube last month thanking Selena (watch that one above). Since it took Children's Hospital awhile to post it to their website, it seems to have slipped through the cracks.

So yes, it's an old story, but man, is it a nice break from the usual selfish crap we see famous folks doing these days. Gomez now joins the likes of Matt Damon and Johnny Depp on our Nice Celebrity List. Truly, an honor even more touching than seeing a dying 13-year-old girl making a bracelet for you, right, Selena?

[Photo: via CHLA]