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Some ideas for rainy day fun

skating.jpgWe are now on Day 3 of Debby downer, the wettest tropical storm we've seen in awhile. By now you and the kids are going stir crazy. So what do you do for rainy-day fun?

We rounded up this list of all the indoor fun zones in the bay area. Skating rinks, bowling alleys, trampoline parks, jump zones, we seem to have a lot.

But if you don't want to weather the roads, and with all these bridge closures you may not be able to. Here's some indoor games to consider:

Play hopscotch indoors. All you need is some masking tape, painters tape or brightly colored packing tape to map out a playing field.

Build a parking lot for your toddler's cars and trucks, add on city streets or a race track too. If the tape gets stuck, use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive to pull it off.

Set up an indoor putt putt golf course throughout the living room, kitchen and bathroom, using little plastic cups placed around the house and secured in place with masking tape or duct tape.

A bucket and a ton of sponges can turn into Florida's version of a snowball fight. My kids actually love to wash the car. It always ends up in a water fight, the good kind.

What are your rainy or too-hot-to-go-outside diversions, readers?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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