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Surprise: Naked sunbather with sex toy is registered sex offender

OCALA - Police say a registered sex offender who acknowledged that he sunbathes naked while holding a sex toy was arrested on Monday and charged with exposure of sexual organs, the Gainesville Sun reports.

Officer Anthony Reghetti arrived at the residence, which is near Druid Hills Methodist Church, and saw Joseph Lamar Conn, 49, lying nude on a blanket on the south side of the house, according to an arrest report. Reghetti saw the man get up and wrap himself in the blanket while holding a rubber penis in his right hand.

Conn ran inside. Reghetti called for backup, and, while he was waiting for other officers to arrive, Conn came out wearing shorts.

When asked why he had been naked, Conn told police he sunbathes that way while holding the sex toy, according to police. Conn added he did not think anyone could see him from the roadway.

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