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Tampa lands in Saturday Night Live's crosshairs thanks to Petraeus/Jill Kelley scandal

snl-kelley3.jpgWeekend Update star and head writer Seth Myers summed it up best on Saturday Night Live: "Sex scandals are like Jewish New Yorkers; eventually, they all make their way to Florida."

snl_petraeus.jpgThe only subject to take a bigger drubbing than recently-resigned CIA director David Petraeus and his mistress Paula Broadwell was Tampa socialite Jill Kelley and Florida iteself -- which became the brunt of more jokes than overweight governor Chris Christie and hapless GOP candidate Mitt Romney combined.

As Myers also noted, it seems like sordid scandals and the Sunshine State are forever linked -- look into any TMZ-worthy blockbuster and there's probably somebody who calls Florida home involved, somewhere.

Still, like every target of SNL's barbs, we're also secretly proud that we made it into the headlines one more time.

So what if it took four days to figure out our votes for president? Wolf Blitzer said our name!


Enjoy the hijinks below.