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Teachers must be at the table, Duncan says

Two weeks ago, Florida Education Association president Andy Ford raised concerns that teachers were being shut out of the state's Race to the Top plans.

On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that's a problem for Florida's continuing participation in the grant program. Teachers must be involved, he said during a visit to Tallahassee.

"To be there to maintain the status quo, no," Duncan said. "But to have anyone's voice, teachers particularly, not in the mix I don't think is helpful."

The Associated Press reports:

He said he has spoken to Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson about the matter and believes he's committed to finding a solution.

"Hopefully we can work through this stuff," Duncan said. "It's not sustainable, it's not possible if anyone - students, parents, business, anyone - is out of the picture, particularly teachers."

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