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To test or not to test: That's not exactly the question

Let's call this the rhetoric round up.

If you've been paying attention, there's been a lot of intense back and forth recently about the value of Florida's accountability system.

The Florida School Boards Association passed a resolution last week that recommended the state back off on using the FCAT as the sole measure for student, teacher and school performance. Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson called the resolution short on hope in this public response.

Patricia Levesque, executive director of the Foundation for Florida's Future, wrote a column in The Palm Beach Post, echoing some of Robinson's comments - notably that the school districts themselves are responsible for some of the "over-testing" going on. Incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford wrote a column in the Times in which he said testing had been key to improving Florida's schools.

Rita Solnet, a founding member of Parents Across America, offered her own response in Huffington Post this week, saying it was disingenuous to suggest that the resolution was calling for an end to testing. Instead, it's against an over-reliance on one test, she wrote.