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Thanksgiving earworm: Everytime You Go Away ...

Published Nov. 16, 2012

Stuck in the '80s rarely takes holidays off, but this years we're making an exception ... sort of. Look for daily updates to the blog, featuring some of our favorite Thanksgiving posts of the last seven years, starting with this one...

Everytime You Go Away is a signature tune from 1987's Planes, Trains & Automobiles -- the John Hughes tribute flick to Thanksgiving. And most of us know it's a cover song, this time performed by Blue Room.

Today's trivia question: Name the other two artists to perform this tune in the '80s, including the act that originally wrote it and the artist who scored a huge hit with it a few years later. Bonus question: Name two other songs that Blue Room recorded for John Hughes movies and the films they appear in.

And you if you want a little holiday inspiration, go back and listen to our podcast tribute to the movie.