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Three '80s albums that should never have gone platinum

Published Jan. 24, 2012

buster.jpgJust because an album is popular doesn't mean it's great. Take the lofty achievement of a Platinum Record. That's an album that has sold 1 million copies. Sounds like someone trapped lightning in a bottle, right? Not always. Sometimes it's just warm mud in a bucket. has a list of 14 Albums That Surprisingly Went Platinum. (Exactly what timeframe they used isn't clear). Suffice to say there's a ton of current albums on there. (Because, ahem, current music is a wasteland of Wonder Bread and off-brand baloney.) But of course the '80s make an appearance too.

Here are the three '80s platinum records that AVClub disses, along with a short explanation from their website:

QUIET RIOT, CONDITION CRITICAL (1984): Condition Critical is Quiet Riot's follow-up to Metal Health, and it doesn't even have the dignity to serve up mediocrity and unoriginality with a suitable side of attitude.

EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS SOUNDTRACK (1983) How big was Bruce Springsteen's mega-selling Born In The U.S.A. in 1984? So big that the blatant Springsteen rip-offs compiled on the Eddie And The Cruisers soundtrack also went platinum.

BUSTER: THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK (1988): The album's success isn't entirely baffling. It included two Collins hits then not available anywhere else... but it also included a lot of oldies readily available elsewhere.