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Tuition brokering ends, with hikes all over the map

Published Jun. 21, 2012

The Florida Board of Governors finally settled on tuition increases for the state's 11 universities after more two hours brokering.

The process wasn't pretty, seeming arbitrary and auction-like. At one point, board member Ava Parker put it this way: "There seems to be no method to our madness."

Yet, they continued. And here's the final roundup:

University of Florida: 9 percent

University of South Florida: 11 percent

Florida State University: 13 percent

Florida Gulf Coast University: 12 percent

University of North Florida: 13 percent

Florida Atlantic University: 15 percent

University of West Florida: 14 percent

University of Central Florida: 15 percent

Florida A&M University: 12 percent

Florida International University: 15 percent

New College of Florida: 15 percent.