1. Florida

USF can add another feather to its hat: top Florida school for "sugar babies"

Paying for college is tough. But we didn't know it was this tough.

It turns out that droves of young college women and men are turning to "sugar daddies" and "sugar mommies" to make ends meet. Yes, that means exactly what think it does: getting paid to be some rich older person's arm candy. And guess which university is No. 1 in Florida?

Go Bulls!

With 93 students registered as "sugar babies," the University of South Florida ranks first in the state and No. 7 in the country for participation in the service, according to its website, Also in the top 20 are the University of Central Florida (No. 14 with 67 students) and Florida International University (No. 20 with 59).

The website says college students now make up 40 percent of its "sugar baby" population. That's up from 33 percent in 2010, said founder Brandon Wade, and the number is only expected to rise.

"An important social fabric is broken in our society, where individuals are taught to fend for themselves once they turn 18. We can no longer depend on our government or our parents for our education," Wade said in a news release. "In the absence of these important social support systems, it's no wonder more and more college students are relying on finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy to pay for college."

Did we mention that yesterday state leaders proposed raising tuition again next year?

Here's the full list:
1. New York University (NYU) -- 185
2. University of Georgia -- 155
3. University of Phoenix -- 144
4. Tulane University -- 129
5. Temple University -- 113
6. Virginia Community College -- 108
7. University of Southern Florida -- 93
8. Arizona State University -- 85
9. Michigan State -- 81
10. Ivy Tech Community College -- 78
11. Georgia State University -- 74
12. University of Wisconsin -- 73
13. Penn State University -- 72
14. University of Central Florida -- 67
15. Kent University -- 65
16. Maricopa Community College -- 63
17. Indiana University -- 62
18. University of California, Berkeley -- 61
19. The Art Institutes -- 60
20. Florida International University -- 59