Winner and loser of the week in Fla politics

Published May 13, 2012

alvinbrown.jpgWinner of the week: Alvin Brown. The mayor of Jacksonville last week vetoed his City Council's plan to macnam.jpgspend $750,000 on new furniture for a new county courthouse. The old furniture is fine, said the mayor, who is expected to be overridden by the council. Still, it sounds like Brown is the one with his finger on public sentiment in these tough times.

Loser of the week: Steve MacNamara. Only days ago, Gov. Rick Scott vernbuchanan.jpgcomplained about the Times/Herald's "mean" coverage of his chief of staff. But revelations continued to drip in about MacNamara's controversial leadership style and his knack for delivering public dollars to his friends and associates. On Saturday, Scott bid goodbye to the ultimate insider he placed in charge of his no-longer outsider agenda. Runner up: Vern Buchanan: Congressional ethics investigators report that Buchanan appears to have tried to get a former business partner to lie to investigators looking into allegations of illegal campaign fundraising activity.