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Woman spills beans about oxycodone pills hidden in her genitals, police say

Published Jun. 24, 2012

NICEVILLE -- A woman faces multiple drug charges after Niceville police found marijuana in her vehicle and pills hidden in her genital area.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that the incident occurred on June 15 when officers stopped a 2007 Honda for speeding on State Road 85. The driver, a man, was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle on an expired license greater than six months.

The woman, identified as Jackie Lauren Spillar, was his passenger. Officers asked her if there was anything in her vehicle that might get her in trouble. "The defendant lowered her head and began to cry as she stated, 'There is a bag of marijuana under my seat.' " She got out of the vehicle and officers found a bag containing "a green, leafy substance," which tested positive for marijuana.

A search of the vehicle produced 78 amphetamine pills in an oxycodone bottle. A second bottle contained amphetamines and two different kinds of oxycodones, as well as three unopened suboxone packages and $6,615 in currency. Later while in a holding cell, Spiller confessed to having more oxycodone pills hidden in her vagina.

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